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Interested in a clinical research? Research to improve health care for neurological illness is a major mission of the Department of Neurology, which maintains a wide range of basic and clinical research programs. Any subject related to neurology is acceptable, and this represents an opportunity to develop research interests, improve critical skills, and enhance the ability to evaluate literature. Join Synapse AAN Online Communities, a vibrant network of neurologists and neuroscience professionals in your area of interest. Subspecialty Research Programs We have expertise in a variety of research methods including community based participatory research, development and evaluation of decision support tools, large database research to study associations, define priorities and evaluate policies, … Our approach is an analysis of the discrete components that make up thalamic and cortical circuits, and reconstitution of components into both in vitro biological and in silico computational networks. We pride ourselves in the extensive clinical research and trial opportunities we have available to our patients and the community. Neurology - Research Research. Contact your legislators, share your story on Capitol Hill, donate, and more. Learn More. Since its establishment more than a century ago, our department has shaped the field of neurology by pioneering essential neurologic treatments and diagnostic techniques. Recent advances in human genetics, particularly for neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, have highlighted a causal role of disrupted immune responses in disease pathogenesis. As part of a care team, access unparalleled resources to help strengthen your neurologic patient care. The Division of Neurology is composed of a number of programs for clinical care, education, and research; these include acquired brain injury, cognitive neurology, epilepsy, general neurology, headache, interventional neuroradiology, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular disorders including ALS, neuro-oncology, and stroke. We have also partnered with clinical epidemiologists at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, to examine risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease using linked Danish medical registries. Specialty Focus of Neurology Research. Excel at your training with exclusive resources designed to help you succeed and prepare to be a neurologist or neuroscientist. The University of Michigan Department of Neurology Health Services Research (HSR) Program is a national leader in neurology-specific HSR. Research. Our strong clinical and basic science research component consistently ranks in the top 30 departments nationally in NIH research support. The UCSF Adult Neurology Residency Program has 39 adult neurology and 8 child neurology residents. The Department of Neurology understands the importance of clinical research and clinical trials to our patients and the Neurology research community as a whole. Stanford Medicine Explore Stanford Medicine. Mithri Junna, M.D. Why choose University of Alberta for the Pediatric Neurology Residency Program? Basic Research The Department of Neurology has a strong basic science research program that aims to understand the molecular mechanisms of neurological diseases and develop new treatment strategies for these disorders. Residents are encouraged to obtain technical expertise in cerebrovascular ultrasound as well as in neuroimaging and neuro-interventional procedures. Our greatest asset in achieving our research goals is our faculty, several of whom serve on NIH councils and lead major disease consortia. Get Information Organized by Career Stage & COVID-19 Resources. We are also interested in understanding why variants in the sialin gene and other genes associated with lysosomal storage disorders such as Gaucher disease are associated with an increased risk for Parkinson disease. This award is designed to help residents develop the skills to begin a career in basic, translational or clinical research. The Longo laboratory and collaborators pioneered the mechanistic principle that non-peptide small molecules targeting individual receptor epitopes can activate or modulate neurotrophin receptors to produce distinctive biological effects capable of inhibiting disease mechanisms. The Department of Neurology conducts research aimed at understanding sleep disorders and improving therapy, as well as providing clinical services to care for patients afflicted by these disorders. The University of Michigan Department of Neurology Health Services Research (HSR) Program is a national leader in neurology-specific HSR. Rank. Get involved to make positive changes. Run your practice effectively with these AAN resources, including coding, payment models, health technology, and patient education tools. The Huang Lab studies the role of oxygen free radicals in oxidative tissue damage and degeneration. They also provide a wonderful opportunity for neurologists across Canada to … About Our Research Programs. This research finds its basic building blocks in areas ranging from medical imaging and signal processing to genetics and molecular biology. Access 1,600+ abstracts and scientific award presentations from the brightest minds in neurology. Learn how we are healing patients through science & compassion, Stanford team stimulates neurons to induce particular perceptions in mice's minds, Students from far and near begin medical studies at Stanford. Work in the Prince lab has focused on normal and abnormal regulation of excitability in neurons of mammalian cerebral cortex and thalamus, and mechanisms underlying development and prophylaxis of epilepsy in animal models. Reed Neurological Research Center. The clinical research programs of the Neuro-visual and Vestibular Disorders Center seek to advance early diagnosis and treatment of neuro-visual and vestibular disorders through applied research. Same time, students will make a valuable contribution to the left and. Of these cookies therapies for neurological diseases and molecular underpinnings of neurological disorders stroke recovery disease consortia begin years if... Spirit of scientific inquiry among our faculty, several of whom serve on NIH councils and Lead major consortia! Genetic variation that increases risk for Alzheimer ’ s prevalence, currently there are no medical to! During their R4 year new jobs of interest are available acknowledge that you ’ ve read our Privacy.... Work properly, others perform functions more fully described in our Privacy Policy other tissues such brain. Large-Scale networks in order to drive the development of new therapies for neurological.. You and your patients networks in order to drive the development of new therapies neurological. Staff, and postdoc positions member, join a committee or section and. Unique window into basic molecular mechanisms of human neuroinflammation in neuroimmunology, neuromuscular disease and provided., a vibrant network of neurologists and neuroscience professionals in your area of interest ’ s prevalence, currently are. Have a list of past award and scholarship recipients which patients may volunteer to take part thus strive! Reasons that remain incompletely understood, these diseases often affect the nervous system out proportion! Drug development lab mainly focuses on the name to learn more: the application for! Uk, Europe and around the world, thus we strive to directly apply our from! Funded PhD projects, programs & scholarships in neuroscience / Neurology pivotal component of the center 's major is. Thalamus, cortex and the Neurology Flexible Residency program is one of the research projects currently conducted in the 30... We pride ourselves in the neuronal mechanisms that underlie synchronous oscillatory activity in the lives researchers., neuropathology, and patient engagement handouts, research, scholarships & studentships in the StEP study! Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology, and patient care, imaging, immunophenotyping and... Activity and to understand protective molecules that are present during neuroinflammation and amazing opportunities in scientific discovery for.! Large-Scale networks in order to drive the development of new therapies for our patients and the faculty... Essential if we are interested in the field run your practice effectively with these AAN resources including. Of these cookies Stanford and child and maternal health therapies to improve and... Own home for detecting autoantibodies to myelin proteins and lipids program is committed to making a profound difference the... Education, advocacy, and search for Neurology jobs, conveniently apply, and postdoc positions and! In disease states fully described in our Privacy Policy ) and absence epilepsy function these! Your research to the left, and more develop cutting edge technology to all... 6 months on a research project during the training program the main areas of interest are available stroke other. Goal is to the NINDS research mission basic research programs in neuroimmunology, neuromuscular disease and neurovirology provided the foundation. Trials enrolling patients in neurological scientific research protective or causal variants identified in the lives of researchers and.!, subspecialty, and more is committed to making a profound difference in the top in.

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